Hachi-nan Chapter 1

Translated by Rhinz

Editor WT

When I wake up…

“Eh? Where is this?”

I woke up as usual at 6 am, to the sound of my alarm clock, and started to prepare for work in a hurry.

Stopped by the convenience store and bought breakfast, onigiri and some oolong tea. I ate them whilst heading to work.

I am Shingo Ichinomiya, 25 years old, a graduate from a decent university. I entered a trading company upon graduation, just like how everyone plans to.

I am currently in my third year and have subordinates who are younger than me. However, I am constantly pulled into dilemmas between them and the boss.

But it was something that somewhat applied to everyone, so I never really felt like quitting.

Though for ordinary members of society, it should not be strange to think about quitting at least once.

However, they will only end up thinking that they are not brave enough or lack the financial resources to actually quit.

Continue living alone in an apartment within a ten minutes walk from the company. No wife or girlfriend. Most meals are taken outside.

Barely asleep because of fatigue from working until morning, spending the remainder of holiday doing household chores such as cleaning and laundry.
I can say that this also ordinary.

There are many people like me in japan.

I am not really that dissatisfied. As long as I keep working in the company, sooner or later, I might get a girlfriend, then get married and have a child.

You could say it was a pretty ordinary life.


Or so I would like to think, but…

I woke up as always, not remembering the contents of my dream; never heard the sound of my alarm clock that was always noisy.

I did not know what time it was but it was dark outside.
The room was pitch-dark but I still decided to get up and investigate my surroundings, as my eyes began to gradually get used to the dark.

Then I began noticing many unfamiliar things, one after another.

This was supposed to be the apartment room that I am living in, but I don’t see the familiar wallpaper or any recognizable furniture. Three similar beds had been placed near me.

Then I noticed that including myself there are four figure sleeping in similar beds like mine.
And as I strained my eyes on the bulges on the other beds, I could see there were human-like figures on it.

So this place is a quadruple room.

When did I become a freeloader?

To shake the confusion from the sudden change in environments, I decide to check my own condition.

Just as I expected, my condition was quite different from before I went to bed.

First, was my bed itself, which should have been a high quality product by Nitori, was now an old-fashioned bed which was not all that comfortable.
Even the blanket I was using was worn out and a little smelly.

Then I thought about something trivial “I just bought that a week ago, it was a new blanket too…”.
After which, I steeled my mind and began to confirm the condition of my own body.

‘Eh? Did my body become smaller?’

Sure, I am not that tall but my body should have been the average height a Japanese male.
However, right now, no matter how I looked at it, my body had shrunk down to that of a child’s height.

‘Eh? This is?’

This was something I been reading lately in net novel, the idea of reincarnated into another world come to my mind at once.
And as for not becoming a baby, there is a possibility that my consciousness is now possessing another human being in another world.

‘That’s mean…’

It is dark now and the other people sleeping near me might think I went mad if I made a noise now.

First of all, I do not even know the relationship between the owner of this small body and the remaining three bed owners.
However, it is more likely a big family though I don’t know who they are.

‘I must behave myself till I can confirm my situation. So another nap for now…’

I was overcome with sleepiness as I thought about that and I fell back to sleep.

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14 thoughts on “Hachi-nan Chapter 1

  1. I can said that this also ordinary.

    There many people like me in Japan.
    Should be:
    I can say that this is also ordinary.

    There are many people like me in japan.

    Thx for picking up this novel BTW


  2. Thanks for the chapter and picking up this novel!
    He just went back to sleep like its not a big deal that he is in another world with someone else’s body…
    Lol, a pretty level headed MC we have here. :)


  3. Okay, wow. This is hands-down the worst opening to a story I ever remember reading. The first few pages, nay, the first few sentences are critical for getting a reader interested in a story. This is where you try to sell the characters, sell the world, sell the mystery, sell the adventure. Yet, this chapter manages to do the exact opposite! The main character has been described explicitly as being so bland and uninteresting that it made me doze off. I am now left with ZERO interest and expectation for the MC.
    Furthermore, the only half-interesting point – the reincarnation itself – was immediately ruined by how ridiculously much the author downplayed it. Honestly, this novel would probably be much better off if this chapter simply didn’t exist at all, and it just started with the next morning. I’m hoping it gets better, but at this point I can’t see it as any more than a C-grade ripoff trying to hitch a ride on the reincarnation bandwagon, only to hang off the back and have its feet drag through the mud. Or its face.


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