Hachi-nan Chapter 29

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Interlude 5

I am not a lolicon!…I think.

“Hey, take me somewhere.”

“What are you saying all of a sudden…”

Successfully enrolled in adventurer prep school, while passing time by hunting as a part-time job, I am teamed up first with my close friend Elvin von Armin.

He was in a tough situation just like me as the fifth son of a knight peerage house.

That’s why it didn’t take that much time to befriend him. Continue reading


Hachi-nan Chapter 28 Draft

Finally done!

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Brihedar margrave hosting a garden party

“Wow, it was a big catch today.”

“We were able to hunt one big bear.”

“Right. It stopped El-kun’s blow splendidly.”

“I have calculated it but it didn’t damaged the bear’s gallbladder properly.”

Before we realized it, two pretty girl we had helped from pack of wolves entered our party, rather I become the new party leader without knowing it.
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Hachi-nan Chapter 27 Draft

What a chapter! ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

Interlude 4

A man named Wendelin von Benno Baumeister


I, Irna Zuzane Rembrandt, was purely surprised.
I with my childhood friend of the same age who also my best friend was saved, earth wall instantly formed to prevent wolf attack, the cunning beasts were annihilated by the indiscriminate firing of magic arrow.

Due to my kinetic vision I got while training in spearmanship, about two ordinary arrows also flew, and seized the life of two wolves.

However, even this archery is amazing if one think normally, would paled before that magic. Continue reading

Hachi-nan Chapter 26 Draft

Uninvited member

“Thanks for helping us.”

“Thank you Vel-kun.”

“Excuse me…I also helped though.”

“My bad. Elvin-kun also really amazing but…”

“Magic is seriously a foul play…”

In afternoon after school, I went out for part-time job with my classmate El, we were going to return to the town with an overjoyed face for considerable result; then, by coincidence, we saved our classmate’s Irna and Luise who had been attacked by a pack of wolves. Continue reading